With the productivity increase in the poultry industry, a large variety of pathogens and bacterial resistance has also occurred, resulting from different management practices in the production cycle.

The use of probiotics is widely recognized both nationally and internationally. It is an efficient alternative to the use of antimicrobials, as well as a solution to prevent poultry diseases and syndromes. It plays an important role in animal’s performance and immune response.


Colostrum® BS was developed for the competitive market that requires specific solutions to control clostridiosis (Clostridium perfringens, C. colinum) and to improve performance.

Product to be mixed into the feed of birds.

INGREDIENTS: Bacillus subtilis (LFU160).

INDICATIONS: Indicated to birds of all ages, those being broilers, commercial commercial layers or breeders, for the colonization of the gut induced in hatchery, for maintenance or reestablishment of the microbial flora. Assists the physiological and immunological development of the digestive tract, improving digestibility, feed absorption and resistance to bacterial infections. Improvement of the zootechnical performance and productivity of the birds comes through the reach of the microbial balance in the gut and controlling pathogens.

Bags containing 10 Kg.