Where innovation goes beyond discourses

To understand the market demands, research products, develop solutions and present innovations to our customers demand structure and capability.

Therefore, Biocamp has two modern independent plants: one to produce probiotics and the other to produce vaccines, with all the necessary facilities: laboratory, production, quality control and maintenance.

R&D Laboratory

  • 160m² located in an independent area
  • Modern biosecurity system: prevents contamination of experiments or release of microorganisms to the environment
  • Highly specialized research team, exclusive of this sector

Administrative Center

Over 3.5 thousand square meters.

Probiotics Laboratory

One of the most modern and safest plants in the Americas. Totally isolated from the vaccine production plant.

Vaccine Laboratory

Produces vaccines that are a point of reference in the commercial layer industry. Meet the strictest quality control and isolation requirements.

Quality Control

Modern laboratory. Highly qualified team. Safety, efficacy and stability tests are performed, as well as those required by legislation to authorize the use of raw materials and packaging, and the finished product.

The priority is to ensure the absence of contaminants and to certify the guarantee levels in its products. Focus on the successful use in the field.

Biological Testing Laboratory

State-of-the-art isolation, safety and strict quality control. High level of sanitary control.

For in ovo inoculation, vaccines and probiotics undergo innocuity, efficiency and stability tests.