Vaccines and Diluents
Poultry Industry


Layer Hens

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CampVac® Vaccines (*For Layer Hens)

Vaccines are used to fight against mortality or decreased productivity caused by specific diseases or syndromes. It is essential to have reliable partners, with experience and knowledge. The Biocamp portfolio of vaccines for Layer Hens offers efficient solutions, protecting against field challenges, preventing mortality and egg production decrease.

Diluents for Vaccines

Diluents are fundamental to preserve the vaccine solution properties, essential for efficiency of the biological product and quality of the vaccination process. It is important to analyze the adequate diluent for the vaccine, thus ensuring the best immunization and animal protection results.

Autogenous Vaccine (*For Breeders / Layer Hens)

It is a customized vaccine developed in Biocamp laboratories to meet the specific needs of disease prevention on the farm (taylor made). It is prepared with the same infectious agent that is infecting the breeders and layer hens on the farm.

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