Vaccine  |  CampVac® MG-F

CampVac® MG-F

Vaccine for immunization against field infections by Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG).

  • Highest vaccine titer per dose;
  • Largest amplitude of immunity – mucous membranes, humor and cell - when compared with other MG, live or recombinant vaccine strains;
  • Lower mortality in the rearing and production period;
  • Decrease of respiratory problems and their consequences;
  • Elimination of periodic use of antimicrobial and anti-mycoplasma agents and consequent residues in the eggs;
  • Protection of the reproductive tract;
  • Highest number of eggs per Hen-Housed.


  • It promotes long-lasting immunity throughout the hens´ entire productive life;
  • It stimulates solid immunity in mucous membranes of the respiratory tract: trachea and air sacs, main pathways of pathogen bacterial infections;
  • It protects the reproductive tract and reduces ovarian regression that affects egg production.


0.03 ml/hen by eye drop.


Always use CampVac® MG-F with Biocamp Ocular Diluent (30-ml vial for 1,000 doses).


Vials containing 1,000 and 2,000 doses.

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